Which Jewels Are Associated with Royalty?

Which Jewels Are Associated with Royalty?

When you think of royalty there are many things that come to mind. Power might be at the top of the list, but royal jewels do not fall that far behind. Jewelry has always been synonymous with wealth and that is connected to royalty. There are different types of jewels that are more prominently linked to royalty than others. It is important to take a closer look at some of the most popular jewels of past royals.

Here are some of the most famous jewels to be linked to royalty:

Sapphire and Halo

One of the most popular styles of jewelry out right now is the sapphire halo ring. This is due to the fact that it has been popularized by royalty. Kate Middleton was given a stunning sapphire blue halo ring when she was proposed to by Prince William. This was the same ring that was also owned by Princess Diana before her death. Since it is worn by royalty, it has quickly become a jewelry style that is admired. It is possible to find sapphire halo rings in a number of different styles depending on if you are looking for a classic look or want a more modern style. This type of jewel is something that many people envy, but it is now very accessible due to the popularity that it has gotten since it is tied to royalty. Everyone wants the ability to have a jewelry item that is seen as royal.

Diamond Encrusted Tiara

If there is one jewel that has always been linked to royalty for centuries, it is diamonds. A diamond encrusted tiara is the jewelry item that was given to the Duke of York’s wife Elizabeth as a gift from the Duke. It was a stunning piece of jewelry at the time that it was designed and tiaras have only become more popular over the years since. The stunning diamonds that line the entire length of the tiara are absolutely stunning. It really is something that you have to see to believe.

There have been many jewels over the years that have been linked to royals, but it seems like the classics are the ones that most remember. Sapphires and diamonds might just be the most popular jewels to be tied to royalty and are what most people envy. The next time you think about royalty, these should be the jewels that pop into your mind.