What’s More Important: The Size of the Diamond or the Type of Jewel?

What’s More Important: The Size of the Diamond or the Type of Jewel?

Buying a diamond ring is not an easy or affordable task. It is a big investment and something that you need to consider carefully. When you are trying to pick out just the right diamond, it is important to know what factors matter most. This means that you need to determine if size is all that matters or if another factor should also play a big role in your decision. Maybe having the largest diamond doesn’t really make it a better diamond. There are actually other factors that should be taken into account before you think about size.

Here is what you need to look for when choosing a diamond beyond just size:


It often comes down to the shape when you are trying to find just the right diamond. This means that before you even think about the size of the diamond, you should consider the cut of the diamond and the type. The shape is something that you need to decide on early on and is often what matters most when you are choosing diamonds. If you do not have a clear preference, it is best to stick with a round or princess cut diamond. This is the type that has the most value and offers the most clarity in the diamond.

Does Size Matter?

Even though size is not the only thing that you should consider when you are choosing a diamond, it is a good idea to choose a size that is in line with what you desire. However, bigger does not always mean better if the diamond does not have a good cut or clarity. Once you decide on shape, you can then choose a size that is best for that shape option. This means that shape and type of diamond should often influence the size of the diamond that you choose.


If you want to make sure that the worth of the diamond is intact, you need to find a diamond that has great clarity. This is often what matters more than size or shape. You want a diamond that ranks high on the clarity scale and is pure. This will ensure that it has eth most value and that the diamond retains the most value overtime. If you focus on the clarity of the diamond, you often can’t go wrong.