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Top 3 Celebrity Jewelers

Jewelry is one of the most beautiful things that you can give to yourself or a loved one. What better way to accentuate style than to take a look at celebrity jewelers that are responsible for pairing some of the highest trending pieces together? There are dozens of celebrity jewelers in the world that the A-list turns to for every occasion ranging from Cartier to Harry Winston. With unique and immaculate pieces that they have to offer, any outfit can be luxurious and worthy of royalty.


As a company that started out by making signature wristwatches in 1847, Cartier has quickly become one of the trendiest jewelers for anyone of status ranging from the Kardashian family to YouTube personalities. They were mostly known for their royal pieces, such as the tiara that Kate Middleton wore at her wedding and King Edward VII’s crown for his coronation in 1904. In today’s society, Cartier’s most notable pieces are more casual, such as their bracelets. They have flagship stores in Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York, making it simple to get your hands on some of the most illustrious pieces in the world.

Harry Winston

If you’ve ever had a conversation about the most luxurious collections of jewelry in the world, Harry Winston is a name that should have been brought up. Out of every jeweler in the world they have the most exclusive designs for top tier celebrity personalities. Harry Winston himself was said to have the best eye for top quality gems which is what gave him the ability to build his company into what it is today and they own some of the most popular diamonds in the world such as the Hope Diamond. If celebrities are looking for the perfect amount of frosting with the help of immaculate pieces of jewelry bathed in platinum and precious diamonds, Harry Winston is the jeweler that they would turn to.


As a Greek jewelry company, Bulgari is known for their unique and modern jewelry as well as their clothing, fragrances, and accessories. They are mostly known for their bold designs that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions, making them one of the top tier celebrity jewelers in the world. They have their flagship stores in the fashion capitols of the world including Paris and New York though they also have over 300 additional stores worldwide. If you’re looking for modern day pieces to accentuate your extrinsic personality, Bulgari is a jeweler to consider.