How to Find Good Jewelry for Spring?

How to Find Good Jewelry for Spring?

Not only is spring a time when flowers begin to bloom and temperatures begin to rise, but it is also time when you need to change up your jewelry style. The look that you were going for in the winter months is not the look of spring. This means that you need to know what jewelry trends are the hottest for spring wear. It is time that you started updating your jewelry collection now to be ready when spring rolls around. Finding the perfect jewelry pieces for spring is not as difficult as you might expect, you just need to know which jewelry trends are the hottest right now.

Not So Matchy

In the past, wearing different earrings on each ear would never be the look that you would try to create, but this is one of the top trends in jewelry this spring. You do not want to wear earrings that are completely contrasting, but you do not want them to be identical. One of the looks is to pair a dangle earring with a stud earring to create a look that is off balance, but also looks unique. The goal is to attract attention with your earring style. If you are wearing a long dangle earring, you might even choose to where the same style earring in two different colors. Any way that you can create a unique look is in style this spring.

Statement Necklace

Once spring starts to roll around gain, your jewelry can be a part of your outfit again, because it will no longer be covered up with layer upon layer of clothing. One of the most fashionable jewelry items that you can wear during spring is a statement necklace. This type of necklace is just what you need to make your outfit complete. You can pair it with skinny jeans and a t shirt to glam up your look and make it so much more chic. You really can’t go too big or too bold when you are looking for a statement necklace to wear.

Layered Jewelry Look for Spring

Now that you can stop wearing layers of clothes, you can now embrace the layered look in your jewelry style. Layering rings or bracelets is one of the biggest trends this spring. You can’t ever wear too much Jewry when you are going for the layered look.