Heavy Jewelry vs Light Jewelry

Jewelry: Heavy vs Light

When it comes to jewelry it’s another way you can showcase your personal style without having to buy clothes. Generally when you start searching for the perfect accessories, you’ll notice that jewelry designers have a selection of heavy and light pieces. In order to make sure that you always look your best, consider the differences between the two.

Formal Engagements

Dressing for a formal engagement is something that everyone does. Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding or if you’re attending an anniversary party. Whether you are a woman or a man, your best bet for these occasions is to choose light pieces of jewelry that compliment your outfit. Considering that you will want most of the attention on your attire, a delicate necklace or small cuff-links can add an extra ounce of appeal without compromising your formal outfit.

Casual Weekends Out

When it comes to dressing fashionably for casual outings, heavy jewelry can be beneficial as it can dress up an outfit without being formal. For example, choosing a chunky necklace paired with a plain white tee and a pair of jeans is the best way to show that you’re comfortable and fashionable at the same time. This also applies to earrings and bracelets. The simpler your outfit is, the more extravagant your jewelry can be.

Comfort and Convenience

It’s also important to consider whether you’ll be comfortable in heavy or light jewelry. Although you might assume that every piece is the same, some articles of jewelry can be substantially heavier than others and might be uncomfortable after a while. Think about your reason for dressing up and whether you will be required to wear the pieces for a long period of time. The longer the event is, the more comfortable you will want to be. Choosing a lighter jewelry design could be your best option. It’s also much more convenient to choose a smaller piece as it will be easy to wear.

Men and women around the world love having the ability to dress up and show their friends and family members all of the best items that they have. With the right jewelry and accessories you can surely accentuate all of the best parts of your outfit and your personal style. With the debate between heavy and light jewelry, it’s mostly up to personal preference and what you feel comfortable wearing.