How Hard is it to Resize a Ring?
How Hard is it to Resize a Ring?
How Hard is it to Resize a Ring?

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Create the item of your dreams with our professional jewelers who can create the perfect custom jewelry

Stone Replacement

We can replace your stone with the most gorgeous stones on the market. All of our work is done onsite and you can schedule an appointment to watch your stones being set. We pride ourselves on quality work and a customer-friendly environment.

Restore Jewelry

Do you have old jewelry that you would like to polish up and look like new? We can restore old jewelry and bring back its original sparkle.


While jewel making has been around for thousands of years, the technology and mechanical improvements in jewelry has vastly improved within the 21st century. With a heavy investment in the latest cutting edge methods and tools, we at Anthony Joseph Jewelers believe that quality and expertise are inseparable.

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At Anthony Joseph Jewelers, we treat all jewelry as precious as if our own. We understand the importance of a wedding ring, the significance of a necklace, the meaning behind a bracelet, and we make sure to repair these items to a state of pristine and sparkling elegance as the first day you received them.